Lessons & Prices

At Jibe’s, we’ve been teaching people how to kitesurf for 15 years.  This has given us the time and experience to create a very detailed and specific, step by step lesson plan. We know that each student is unique and learns in their own way. And we’ve found that best results come from adapting a well-thought out, methodical course to each individual. This helps people get to where they need to be in the least amount of time.

Learning to kite is safe when done properly.

Care must be taken, because the amount of power a kite can produce quite suddenly is truly awesome.  That’s one of the things that make it so fun!  Our emphasis is on safety, professionalism and taking the time to learn how to do things right. Each point along the way of our lesson plan has been thought out carefully and is applied by all instructors.  And we focus on continuously improving our teaching techniques and procedures.

We continue to carefully analyse both our own students’ lessons and others to gain insights into how we can get the best results.

One thing we’ve learned over the years is that trying to rush students into “getting on the board” in as little time as possible in fact hurts them in two ways.  One, the only way to do this is by taking shortcuts which put the student (and others around) at risk. Two, this ends up taking more time in the long run. You’ll need to go back and learn the basic skills of how to take care of yourself and your gear in the water anyway.  And trying to get riding without first having good control your equipment wastes a huge amount of time.  Time spent on recovering from crashes, looking for your board, figuring out your gear, untangling your lines, and getting started again. Time that you could better spend focusing on your riding.

Jibe’s Beach Club and our team will be happy to safely teach all aspects of kitesurfing to keep you safe, confident and riding in style. For all inquiries please click the “Contact” link or contact matt@jibesbeachclub.com