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Some highlights from lesson reviews for Jibe’s Kite School from the Google Maps spot, Tripadvisor and our Facebook page.

jibe's kite laucnh

Most professional and kind kite instructors I’ve experienced so far. Compared to how the other kite schools worked with their students, we felt very safe here and progressed a lot. Best choice for whatever level you’re on! – Anna B., Google Review

Absolute professional and great people. The way they teach and how they customize your needs is state of the art. Also love their philosophy “Safety First”. Am really thankful having taking the classes with them. -H.C, Facebook Review

“I’ve been Kiting for about 5 years now and have come across quite a few schools and Kiting spots. Matt runs the kite school really well with an unbelievable energy and enthusiasm. He has years of experience and has designed a great program that works really effectively and most importantly safely.”–Gus Jones, Google Maps review

“Very good kite school to learn kiting from an experienced teacher. Lot of attention for safety and a very fair price-quality rate. Learns you all the ins and outs step by step. Would recommend it to everyone!” –Marit Sietsma, Google Maps review

Kiting in Mui Ne

“I didn’t take lessons myself (I’m kiting for 17years) but what I noted was, that the school is very safety minded. They seem to teach their students not only the necessary skills to ride but (almost more important!)  what to do, if things “go wrong.” I think many schools are lacking this today. Nonetheless the “freshly baked” kitesurfer will appreciate this skill sooner or later (we’ve all been there…). I’d definitely give a recommendation for this school.” –Kitepitanha01, TripAdvisor

“All of the instructors are very experienced and supportive and the school has a genuine safety-first approach (unlike some of the others around) which is driven by the school’s manager, Matt, who has a great deal of experience and information you would do well to learn from.  The school offers reasonable rates in comparison so definitely give them a visit!” –Meeran Attar, Google Maps review

“If you’re serious about kitesurfing, this is the school for you!” –Tiffany Nguyen, Google Maps review

“OUTSTANDING, best lessons on the beach! don’t look anywhere else you won’t get better value for your money.” –Thomas Wright, Google Maps review

“Jibe’s Kite School is definitely the best place in Vietnam to learn and improve your kitesurfing skills. So, if you want to go kitesurfing you have to visit Matt at Jibe’s, he is the best!!” –Lukas Carl, Google Maps review

“Rented some equipment and staff were very supportive, providing tips and good reminders about safety and very attentive to any issues you might encounter on the water. The shop in town is also well stocked. Thank you. Highly recommended.” –Ppringuet, TripAdvisor

Jibe's Kite School
at the kite hut

“Matt, the instructor there with over 18 years of experience, made me feel welcome. He conducted the beach training with the basics on putting on the safety gear, reading the wind pattern and the beach, how to handle the kite, setting up my gear, handling the kite in various situations etc. The one part that stands out while learning with Matt is his focus of safety, his patience in dealing with my klutzy handling, and his demonstration on what’s an emergency and how to recover from it. He ran a detailed debrief and technical class at the end of the day explaining critical do’s and don’ts. Matt also made me comfortable with the payment process and only accepted part payment when winds played spoil sport on day one. Matt made sure he gave me adequate time in each procedure. Great learning from you.” –Dustybucket, TripAdvisor

“We had some amazing kite lessons at Jibe’s kiteschool. The instructors are really friendly, good and give you so much technical information as well, which makes that you know what you’re doing when you are connected with the kite. Also the technical sessions in the evening are really useful. We can recommend this place to all kite lovers!!!” –Moniek87, TripAdvisor

“Went for a rental session. Nice and kind. Rented Some kite surf gear for a short session today. They double check, know what they are doing, and are very helpful.  Spoke to a few people who took lessons, and they were all very elated about the instructors as well. Definitely must go!!” –Remco S, TripAdvisor

“Very professional, responsible, dedicated.” –Jinoh Shin, Google Maps review

“Best Kitesurfing school in Mui Ne – Our instructors were patient, informative and fun. Matt went out of his way to make us feel welcome and ensure that we were happy throughout the experience! I was blown away by the level of care shown and also the passion and enthusiasm for the sport even after so many years of instructing. In the evening Matt held a daily debrief (theory) lesson which was very helpful. It was obvious to see with all the other Kite Surf schools on the beach that not everyone was so concerned about safety.” –Rich Jobo, TripAdvisor

“I have chosen Jibe’s because they answered my email questions before arrival best – and I didn’t regret my choice. Matt and Anna did an excellent job, material, location, everything very good. Their tech session in the afternoon is a very good add-on. And its fun with them. Recommended.” –SW343, TripAdvisor

“I highly recommend them to anyone looking for quality teaching.” –Remy Beauchamp, Google Maps review

“As a teacher myself, I can say the instructor was great, really patient and dedicated to explain mistakes and good points, focusing on safety advices. In the afternoon, we also get some theory lessons with Matt, that help to get a better understanding on how Kitesurf works. Highly recommend this place to anyone who wants to learn nautic sports the serious way. It sure is one of the most professional in Vietnam.”– Sedlexlam, TripAdvisor

“Great for newbies and experts alike. Can’t recommend this place highly enough. Matt was amazing at running through the theory, practical advice and getting me out on to the water. Super patient and accommodating, whether you’re new to the sport or need a few pointers, he’s your man!” –Courtney C. , TripAdvisor

“If you are looking for a professional school you are at the right place, all teachers are very dedicated and give their best. Matt (station manager) has a great knowledge that he is happy to pass on. It’s hard to find such a good kite education. Thanks for everything. We had a great time!!!”– 780ewal, TripAdvisor

“Why did I end up with Jibe’s of all places? I watched kite instructors and their students from some kite schools in one day. How is the handling with the student, what is the impression on the beach, how does the staff handle the kite equipment and so on. With Jibe’s it was tidy, there were no kites on the beach that were not used and the people from Jibe’s were down to earth. And it was exactly the right choice for me to expand my skills in kiting and to get to know the spot conditions.” –H. Ich, Google Maps review